The 8th WCRNSCE EVENT is now over.

Thank you all for your support. 


8th Western Canada Regional Nepali Sports and Cultural Event (WCRNSCE)- Regina

The 8th WCRNSCE, Regina, experience was outstanding. All the delegates of Winnipeg must have enjoyed it thoroughly. We were about 100 strong and enthusiastic!
The initial presentation of Nepali cultural concept on the stage was fantastically fabulous and the musical essence – dance, vocals, and instrumental ensembles – was in every sense ear and eye riveting. Every city should be proud of it for bringing in such capable artists. Enjoyed it immensely!!!! Meet and greet evening - before, during and after diner – was an occasion to meet new friends and to give a big hug to the old ones.
The days of the sports were jam pact and busy. I was on a team but did not play but was busier than the players cheering up for Winnipeg, of course – don’t be jealous – and running around to watch different sports at different locations. Well organized, given the time, number of sports and the multiplicity. Felt good for Winnipeg for bagging a few gold/silver medals and trophies but tremendous delight and satisfaction on how so many cities gathered in Regina to play the sports that our community loves. What a gathering! Bravo!!!
Venue: Regina couldn’t have given us a better venue than the beautiful and spacious University complex.
Food: Diner I will give a pass but lunch and momos were scrumptious. I am sure the hands that made the food made a great difference. Dil ko masala lagaera banayo vane tyestai huncha!!!!!
Hospitality: Many of the Winnipeg delegates stayed with Regina families. The ones who chatted with me about the hospitality had nothing but the praise for the Regina community members for their kindness.
I don’t know who this email is going to go to but through Punya Ji, Manika and I would like to thank everyone in Regina who participated in organizing the 8th WCRNSCE. It was amazingly well done for a small community like yours in every way possible. The BRAVE HEARTS of Regina, thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you Punyaji, The Chair, for making 8th WCRNSCE experience marvellously memorable.
Chitra Pradhan
Nepali Cultural Society of Manitoba Member 


Dear Organizing Committee Chair, other committees, event coordinators, volunteers and community members/well wishers. 
A big congratulations on the successful completion of 8th WesCan in Regina.  We appreciate your time, efforts, hospitality and friendship before and during the cultural and sport events. You have shown your leadership and challenged all assumptions that a city with small community members cannot host such big events. You have also showed that it is not the number but dedication and commitment that makes such events successful. 
I would like thank participants from all cities. It was nice to see you again and hope to see you in such future events. While it was a successfully organized event, some of the lessons learned will be useful in making further improvements in the coming years.  
Thank you and congratulations once again, on Behalf of Edmonton
Arjun K C


Punyaji, Sumanji, all the sports and cultural volunteers / coordinators,
I echo the expression of Arjunji. Indeed a  great leadership, remarkable volunteer spirit and highest level of commitment displayed by Regina organizing team/volunteer in the successful completion of the 8th WCRNSCE in the city of Regina. 
The addition of one city "PE" making a total 8 cities at the 8th WCRNSCE for the first time,  active participation of players, leaders and artists from all particupating cities and attendance of friends/well wishers from cities/towns never seen before at the previous events (i.e., Kenora (Ontario) and Thomson, (Manitoba)).
Much appreciation to accommodate cities' wishlists, before and during the event, to the extent possible. The bar has been further raised by Regina and the next host city will have to take into account all good aspects of the event.
It was a great experience working with all the city reps and the use of technology to make the meetings more effective. Much appreciation to  Saket Adhikari bhai reprenting Saskatoon city as well as youth members of the region in the steering committee.
Well done Punyaji playing the dual role of SC chair as well as Regina organizing committee chair. Your leadership has made everything look so simple with perfection. Thanks to all coordinators, volunteers, friends / families, artists, players and sponsors of the event that made this event unique, memorable  and something one should not miss.
Congratulating once again Regina. 
Purushottam Raj Singh
City Representative in the Steering Committee
Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Dear Punya Sagar ji and organizing team of Regina WesCan,

First of all congratulations to Regina for successfully completing 8th WesCan event. It was a sheer pleasure to witness the execution of 8th WesCan under your leadership Punya ji. It is an audacious task to mobilize each and every member of the community for a single objective. Proper planning, coordination and execution is needed to be successful. I witnessed the superb dedication and complete engagement of community members which resulted in the success. The level of dedication was so high that I had difficulty in finding a small slot of time to talk to Punya ji and Sudip ji. I salute each and every volunteers of the organizing team.

It was nice to meet old friends and new friends during the event. Congratulations to all participating cities for their best performances and dedication to WesCan. It was another pleasure to see representation from Prince Albert. Welcome Prince Albert to the WesCan.

We had developed WesCan Policy during 7th WesCan event at Winnipeg to streamline the organization of WesCan event, where sports and culture are placed at equal level. Regina has implemented the policy very successfully and set a standard. It would be a challenge to next host city to meet the standard set by Regina.

Overall, if there was a competition for WesCan event management, I would give trophy to Regina and hope everyone agrees.

Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Kusumakar Sharma Ph D, P Eng


Namaste all,
On behalf of Nepalese Community of Saskatoon (NECOS), I would like to thank Team Regina for their endeavor for successful completion of 8th WCRNSCE and setting a bench mark for future events. It was an epitome of what we can accomplish if enthusiasm of all community members are channeled properly. The slogan “ Together we will make this event a success” that we used see at the end of official email from host city has been truly justified. Personally, it was my first experience with WCRNSCE  and it was so good to see the overwhelming participation from members from communities across the whole western Canada.
Lastly, thanks to WCRNSCE 2nd Steering Committee for entrusting me with the responsibility of member secretary and to all city reps for managing your time for all those Skype meetings even with the short notice, despite your hectic schedule.
See you soon !!!
Saket Adhikari, Saskatoon


Namaste everyone,
Nepalese Community in Prince Albert (NCPA) would like to extend their congratulations to Team Regina for their successful organization of 8th WCRNSE and allowing us to participate in the event. You have raised the bar of the event which we believe is a milestone in organizing similar events in the future.
Best regards
Narayan Dhital (Ph. D.)
On behalf of NCPA


It was a proud moment for the Bhutanese-Nepali community of Regina Inc. to get an opportunity to support and volunteer for the 8th westcan events hosted by WCRNCSE Regina and NepSOSS. We, thank Punyasagar dai and Suman Thapa ji for letting our community walk by their side, right from the fund raising events till the closing seconds of the grand summer event.
I personally have no words of appreciation, as it seems easy but it takes tons of effort and hard work to organize these kind of events; and make a grand successful and create a remarkable memory of its own kind. Without further mentions, I on behalf of the Bhutanese-Nepali community of Regina, B-NCRInc executive members and myself would like to thank you, your management team and NepSOSS for giving our community an opportunity to volunteer and support the event. WCRNCSE Regina "you have done it, now you can say; we can do again". Our support to NepSOSS and WCRNCSE Regina will always be there. Together we can succeed. 
Congratulations to one and all, who were involved in making 8th WCRNCSE a grand success. 
Karna Tamang