The 8th WCRNSCE EVENT is now over.

Thank you all for your support. 


8th Western Canada Regional Nepali Sports and Cultural Event (WCRNSCE)- Regina

The following is the list of the volunteer coordinators for different roles under the leadership of Dr. Punya Sagar Marahatta. This is not the final list but preliminary and based on the indivdiduals interest and committment during our AGM in July. Few Members were appointed on their personal interest and request. This team will need more support from every member of our community and beyond to make the event pleasant and successful. This event is not just for NepSoSS but all the Nepali community living in Regina and other cities of Canada. 

Individual Sports and Management Committee:

This is not a final list, we are open for more volunteer. If you want to suggest and/or lead/participate in any other team for success of the event, please let us know or click here to express your interest.

 Committee Members (alphabetical order)
Roles and Responsibilities
Event Co-Ordinator:
    Punya Sagar Marahatta
Punya Sagar Marahatta is the incharge of the event and take care of overall event coordination.
Team Lead: Sudip Adhikari
•      Bhojraj Aryal
•      Subin Shrestha
•      Sudip Adhikari
Volleyball sub-committee consist of 4 members lead by Sudip Adhikari. This team responsibility is to coordinate and organize the volleyball tournament
Team Lead: Parikshit Sharma
•      Dinesh Dhungana
•      Parikshit Sharma
•      Sushant Parajuli
Soccer sub-committee hold the responsibility for the soccer tournament from creating schedule, managing the venue and conducting the games. This team consists 3 members.
Team Lead: Binod Shrestha
•      Binod Shrestha
•      Indra Man Karmacharya
Badminton sub -committee coordinates the badminton tournaments during the event.
Table Tennis
Team Lead: Prasanna Shrestha
•      Lucky Singh
•      Nirmal Pandey
•      Prasanna Shrestha
•      Rajesh Prasad Shrestha

Table Tennis sub committee lead by Prasanna Shrestha consist of 4 members.

This sub-committee will organize all table tennis games during event.
Team Lead: Narayan Pokharel
•      Narayan Pokharel
•      Pitambar Bhandari
Dandi-biyo sub -committee coordinates dandi-biyo matches during the event.
Project management/ Financial Management
Team Lead: Shiva Shrestha
•      Damodar Pokhrel
•      Dinesh Dhungana
•      Sameer Rijal
•      Shiva Shrestha
•      Suman Bhandari
•      Suresh Jnwali
•      Uddhab Thagunna
Overall project and finance for the event is managed by this subcommittee. This subcommittee consist of 7 members.
Catering and hospitality management
Team Lead: Utsav Deoja
•      Amrita Shrestha
•      Avash Ghimire
•      Utsav Deoja
Accommodation, food and hospitality during the event is taken care by this sub-committee. Utsav Deoja is a lead of this committee.
Cultural event coordination
Team Lead: Monika Dhungana
•      Arjun Adhikari
•      Binod Humagain
•      Binod Shrestha
•      Jyoti Sharma
•      Monika Dhungana
•      Reena Shrestha
Cultural Performances in the event is major attraction for the audiences. All the cultural event management is responsibility of this team lead by Monika Dhungana.
Family and Kids Engagement
Team Lead: Sarita Bhandari
•      Bijaya Gautam 
•      Bishnu Paudel
•      Sarita Bhandari
In order to involve the kids and family during the event, this committee organize various fun games and programs. This sub- committee is lead by Sarita Bhandari and consists of 3 members.
Communication and Community Outreach
Team Lead: Bikash Shrestha
•       Bikash Shrestha
•      Binay Thakur
•      Roshan Parajuli
•      Sitamshu Marahatta
This team is responsible for social media management & event information broadcasting using different communication channels.
Volunteer Coordination
Team Lead: Arjun Lamichhane
•      Arjun Lamichhane
•      Sachin Shrestha
This team manage the volunteers required while organizing the event.


WCRNSCE Team Members (Partial)

Event Sponsors

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